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Maple flooring has had a main revival in the recent times. The clean and light appearance just looks great and maple becomes the first choice among clients looking for a light design. The Maple flooring is especially widespread especially in areas of high humidity such as Florida. Get in touch with our floor sanding Acton W3,W4 experts for best result on sanding and repairing Maple Wood Flooring.

One secret followed by our floor fitting Acton W3,W4 experts for sanding maple is to start with an abrasive grade to level down the flooring and smoothing out any butting end joints. Many novice sanders are afraid to be aggressive with the floor and opt for a too fine abrasive for the Maple floor. As the maple grain is tighter, the wavy look needs some extra sanding. The real effect shows up only after applying third or fourth coat of varnish. Our floor professionals satisfy their high-end customers every time. When fine sanding the maple floors, our team of experts makes sure to reduce the drum pressure to the minimum setting and slow its speed. Maple floor should not be sanded too much. It can be frustrating to see waves made by the belt machines or Chatter marks made due to drum machines. Avoid getting the job done by a novice floor sander. We know that these flaws can really stand out on dense woods such as Maple.

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Before stating the sanding task, we make sure that the wheels of the sanding machine are free of any debris and are absolutely clean. The drive and fan belts are inspected for any cracks and splits. The pulleys are checked for chips. Sanding imperfections may also include scratches or swirl marks made by the screen. Such marks should be avoided as they can lead to problems while in the final finish. Our team recommends hand-sanded edges and drum sanding those maple floors.

Our team of floor repair experts takes special precaution for checking out any debris in the final finishing coats that can lead to many complaints and problems. Even the slightest amount of dirt or dust can show against the light color of the maple floor. The floors, and the window sills as well as any adjoining areas are thoroughly vacuumed before starting the finishing coats. There should be no fiber coats or dust particles. We don�t generally recommended staining maple as the dense grain discourages the penetration of most pigments. Moreover, maple is a difficult wood to achieve uniform stain. We always speak to our customers about such issues before starting maple floor sanding.

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