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Floor Sanding Botany Bay EN2 - Flooring Fitting And Repair

Pine is a soft wood and there are some disadvantages of pine wood flooring as compared to the other harder wood floors such as oak and maple. Our floor sanding Botany Bay EN2 experts have years of experience in dealing with sanding of all kind of wooden floors including pine. One aspect we are very careful about when sanding a pine floor is that there is a chance of overdoing the pine floor as it is soft. Therefore, one should never assign the task to a novice or an amateur. Call our team of floor fitting Botany Bay EN2 professionals to do the task if you are looking for repairing or mending your pine flooring.

As the pine wood is soft and delicate, our floor repair Botany Bay EN2 experts use a lighter vibrating model that will not damage the wood in any way. We also make use of relatively fine sandpaper. We will first examine the floor carefully and inspect for any unevenness and protruding nails that need to be taken care of. The entire floor is cleared of any furniture. When the sanding task starts, care is taken to not to sander sit in one place at any point and get all the shine off the floor. It is essential to vacuum the dust side by side and re-sand the floor again with a different grit and finest sandpaper. Our team of floor sanding Botany Bay EN2 experts make sure that there are no sanding marks left on the pine floor and the wood becomes smooth and flat.

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Once the whole floor is smooth and flat, our company makes it ready for the next stage and that is staining and sealing. Here too special caution is taken to use the right material and equipment. A wood conditioner is applied on the complete floor with the help of brush or foam roller in the direction of the wood grain. The conditioner is allowed to dry completely. The wood stain is applied to the floor in small sections and working around the perimeter of the room.

We take care to overlap the brush strokes before the earlier section dries. The floor is then coated with polyurethane. A floor buffer is applied to the polyurethane surface so as to abrade it and then apply the next coat of polyurethane. The floor is then vacuumed and cleaned with a tack cloth. Three coats are applied in all to give the final finish to the pine floor.

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