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It may seem like a tough job but sanding a floor is not that tough too, especially if you hire the right professionals for the task. Floor sanding Mottingham SE9 experts are one good option for all those looking for professional services for floor repair and fitting. Just give us a few hours in your house and we can create a smooth and rejuvenated timber floor surface.

Before starting the task, our floor fitting Mottingham SE9 professionals, check the wooden floor for any protruding nails or screw heads. This is to avoid any tear of the sanding belt if the sanding machine darts over any of these. Any of these nails and screws are hammered down or removed with the help of screw driver and hammer before the work starts. Any dents, holes or imperfections in the floor are filled in with filler. Our floor repair Mottingham SE9 experts make sure that the color of the filler matches exact to the floor. Any lacquer surrounding a dent should be sanded away and all the imperfections are then filled in.

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We only use top equipment to carry out the task. A huge belt sanding machine will be used for a bigger floor while a small sized edging sander to do the skirting boards. We make sure to follow the right speed and operate the machine gives. Our experts will not stop in one spot as this may lead to a big scratch on the floor. A vacuum cleaner is used to clean up all the dust after the sanding is over. Every single particle of dust needs to be removed so as to get a perfect finish. This is very important before applying the final finish coating.

It is true that Sanding hardwood floors may require the whole process to be repeated 2 to 3 times. However, if one needs the sanding done for the older floors, the whole procedure may need extra time and the costs may go up. There would be lots of old paint, finishes and stains to be removed by our floor repair Mottingham SE9 professionals. Our experts are very careful as to work very carefully with the old floors as if you sand too much, the layers that are gone once cannot be placed back and the look can spoil forever. Therefore, be very careful as to who you choose for sanding the old floors.

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