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If you are looking for an expert team for sanding a wooden gymnasium floor, then you can count on us. Gymnasium wooden flooring naturally has to bear lots of traffic and has to deal with other factors such as humidity and temperature. It is completely wrong idea to think one can do the task on their own or take help from a novice. Get professional teams like our floor fitting Highgate experts who will offer only a top quality refinishing process. The main objective of sanding the floor is to rejuvenate the wood and bring out its original color and looks that have faded away with time.

The floor of the gymnasium needs to be prepared well so that the wood returns to its natural state and evenly accept any coloring agents and preservatives during the refinishing process. Moreover, the sanding process will make the gymnasium floor much smoother and free it from any irregularities and spots. Our floor repair Highgate team is known to give that high-gloss look the gymnasiums are known for.

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The equipments required will include Commercial wet vacuum, Orbital floor buffer, Floor stripping agent, Floor sander, Wood cleaner, Extension cords, Scrubbing pads and Dust mask and Eye protection equipment. Any equipment or any other object is removed from the floor. Our team of floor sanding Highgate experts first wears their safety masks and protection gear before starting the task. A chemical stripper is applied to eat through the wax and polish coating the Gymnasium wooden flooring. The orbital buffing machine gets rid of maximum amount of the wax. The Scrubbing pads are changed frequently and caution is taken to avoid over wetting of the floor. One small section of the floor is worked on before moving on to the next. Commercial wet vacuum is used by our floor repair Highgate professionals to vacuum the floor completely, leaving no traces of any debris. We make sure that there are no remaining wax and polish.

The sanding process is started again with different grit sanding pads and the whole floor is vacuumed again. The process is repeated once more, while changing the pads and wiping the floor frequently. Our floor fitting Highgate team makes sure to follow mild flowing motions and work towards the direction of the wood grain whenever possible. We make sure that the floor is free of any errant dust particles before adding the final finish to the gymnasium floor.

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