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Choosing the Right Flooring Company

Floor repair Downham BR1 experts are high in demand for the repair of and fitting as well as sanding wooden floors. It is wrong idea to think that one can do the sanding work on their own and polish the floors to get the effect they want. This is a very technical work and one will need the services of experts such as floor sanding Downham BR1 for the job. Our experts have years of experience and use the right equipment and advanced techniques to do the sanding and repairing work.

Before starting their job, our experts will prepare the area for the sanding work. Pictures, curtains, floor coverings and furniture are removed. Any furniture that one cannot remove is covered with dust sheets. Doors and windows are kept open to keep the room well ventilated. We prefer to do the job during the daytime so as to avoid any disturbance to your neighbors. There might bye broken or rotten boards that need replacement. The timber floor too is inspected for any loose boards and fit them properly with the help of screws. We make sure to place these screws at least 2mm below the surface.

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Our professionals also look for the large gaps that can spoil the look for the whole floor. A sliver of timber may be cut to fit in the gap. It is glued from both sides and fitted in the gap with the help of a hammer. Any other minor damage and Dead knot holes are filled in with the help of a wood filler of the same color. Our floor fitting Downham BR1 professionals work methodically and look for any loose or protruding nails on the floor before sanding. Only once we are sure that the floor is completely fit for the sanding work, do we start the job.

If the wooden floor is in relatively good condition and is not carrying any stains, coarse or medium grade sheets are used to start the sanding. If there are any deep stains, one can move the machine in the opposite direction to remove these stains. Once the major stains are gone, fine abrasive is worked on the boards again. Our experts use the round edging sander to finish off the edges of the room. We always use an old chisel to scrape the dirt out of the corners. To remove the finer dust, the floor is vacuumed and a cloth dampened with white spirit is used to get rid of any grease and dirt on the floor. A clear wood finish or paint is used to seal the board. At least 2 or 3 coats are applied to give the final finish.

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