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Floor sanding is a trade that unlike other household chores cannot just be accomplished by homeowners on their own. In theory, it sounds easy and tempting to go down to a rental yard and rent a floor sanding machine and do the job yourself without having to hire a professional. But we can promise you that floor sanding needs a lot more skill and technique that cannot be acquired from reading an article or reading the instructions on the machine. Why it is important to hire a pro for sand flooring is because wooden floors are expensive and precious and add greatly to the beauty and grace of any home. Our Floor sanding Teddington TW11 team needed time and hands on training for several months before acquiring this skill.

Floor sanding Teddington TW11 is full of rental yards that will rent you low powered, light sanding machines that you may be tempted to handle on your own. We advise you not to do this, because many an ambitious home owner ruin his or her beautiful wood flooring in the process. Hire Floor repair Teddington TW11 professional as it is a delicate job and not meant for amateurs. A great deal of balancing and evenness is required for floor fitting, so it is important to do it right the first time around. We can guarantee you that if you have never done it before, you will be dissatisfied. We have seen many floors end up being sanded too thin, too roughly or destroyed in looks by the scratches the lightweight and amateur sanding machines have left in them.

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What is more, you might even end up needing to replace your floors completely if you do the job badly. Our team knows that it is a time consuming job and it is easier and better for your floors if you leave it to professionals like me who have training and experience in the manner. We guarantee customers that their floor will only need to be sanded once to get the job done and will have access to the right machines and tools to do the job well. The right sanding machine is heavy, stable and high powered. What is more, we use 16 grit sandpaper regularly to remove the tough floor paint from those previous jobs. You will be lucky if you find such coarse sandpaper anywhere in the rental yards. We are sure that the rental yards will likely provide you with fine sandpaper that does not work and ends up causing you to waste time and money while you attempt to sand your floors yourself.

Our floor repair professionals do a number of jobs and you should have no trouble finding experienced pros with our firm who will do the job for you at a nominal price per square foot.

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