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Wooden floor sanding is a highly technical task and should not be risked with amateurs. As floor sanding Grove Green experts, we realize very well the expectations of the customers and what they had be expecting from us. The right use of the correct application tools to make the final finishing is a must. We take all the precautions when making the final touches as well as prepare the floor before starting the sanding work.

The key to a good job done lies in the right planning, using the right techniques and following the exact procedures, according to our floor fitting Grove Green experts. The wooden floor is made free of any imperfections before using the sanding machine. Care is taken to not to sand the floors too much. The older floors are difficult to sand and need to be handled more carefully. We prefer waterborne applicators as we believe they give a uniform coating and great finish. Uneven finish sheens can be very problematic. We try to get the best results and the top quality sheen on the timber floor.

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As the floor becomes smoother and flatter, the more important get the application of the finishing coats. These problems usually crop up after third or fourth coats. Wherever there are intense finish spots, one can see those shiny areas. Special care is taken when applying the finish coats and multiple sealers. Even fine grades such as 150 or 180 grits, can leave marks and swirls if the machine is not handled carefully.

We always work with the customer and show him the complete variety of wood tone stains. We mix neutral or clear stain with wood-tone stains to make the stains more noticeable and uniform. Although we know and are well aware of all the hard work involved, but all the efforts are well worth in the end. One should remember that between coats, the intention should be to smooth the coating and avoid removing it. Minimal abrasion is always preferred to aggressive abrasion. There are many amateur finishers that believe that a certain material was not good or the flattening agent was not mixed properly. But problems can crop up with any kind of material and coating if the process is not handled properly. We prefer to go with semi-gloss or gloss topcoats. The coats can get heavier with higher number of coats. There is no magical solution for sanding and finishing a wooden floor. The key lies in hiring the right experts who follow the right procedures.

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